The Buchanan Plumber’s Guide On Using A Plumbing Repair Tape

Buchanan plumber’s guide on using a plumbing repair tapeAre you into DIY plumbing? If you are, then you may have already heard about or used a plumbing tape. You haven’t? Well don’t worry because it’s my topic for today. Anyway, before we talk about the uses of a plumbing tape, I would like to introduce you first to this essential tool that’s a must-have in homes. Yes, even homeowners like you need to have a tape handy at home. So what is it anyway?

A plumbing tape is often referred to by tradesmen as a thread seal tape. Technically named as PTFE or PolyTetraFluoroEthylene, it is simply a thin, versatile tape that’s used to seal pipes and/ or pipes and fixtures together such as in showers and faucets. It prevents leakages in these threaded joints by creating air-tight, gas-tight and water-tight connections. They come in various sizes and colors, each type meant for a specific purpose. For example, the white tape is used on NPT threads while the gray ones are perfect for stainless steel pipes. Moving forward, let me share with you this article that details how a plumbing tape is used to repair pipes! Check it out!

How to Repair Pipes

Tighten the joint with a wrench if that is the origin of the leak. If the leak is coming from a damaged section of pipe, repair it with one of the methods below. Patch the pipe. You can use heavy rubber and a C-clamp or with a store-bought pipe-patching kit. Apply waterproof tape to the leaking section of pipe. Make sure the pipe is completely dry before adding tape. Tape should cover 2 to 3 inches (5 to 7.6 cm) on either side of the hole or crack.

Reading the write-up I just shared above, it clearly states that pipes are prone to leaking, dripping, freezing and condensation over years of use. And when the time comes that such problems are encountered, it is important that the connections are repaired ASAP in order to prevent severe plumbing issues from arising and lessen damages on your property. Follow the steps carefully and you should be able to put your pipes back in tip-top shape! Now if you are doing some repairs this weekend, read these tips first to guarantee that you’ll use your plumbing tape effectively.

6 Tips for Using Plumbing Teflon Tape for Repairs


Plumbing Teflon tape is essential for the do-it-yourselfer making plumbing repairs. The non-adhesive tape works wonders when threading two plumbing components. You should be sure to use it when you are working on plumbing in your home. These 6 tips will help you use Teflon tape like a pro.

Teflon tape is designed to coat the threads of plumbing components and create a tighter seal. If you use Teflon tape on any plumbing repairs that involve threaded pipes you will have success. Do-it-yourselfers sometimes wonder if they are going overboard with Teflon tape. If you are making a plumbing repair and you have to thread 2 components together, use the Teflon tape. Don’t feel inferior to the pros when you use Teflon tape. They use it all the time too.

I hope that you learned so much from the Buchanan plumber’s guide on using a plumbing repair tape. Browse my blog site to acquire more plumbing skills, figure out how to use specific plumbing tools and get easy DIY guides such as sweat-free clogged toilet remedies! Should you need professional plumbing assistance, just call Plumbers 911 California at 800-731-1139 and they’ll respond to your needs immediately!

Want to learn effective troubleshooting for plumbing repairs? Watch this video now!

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